Batnuni Lake Guides & Outfitters offers the truest form of fair chase hunting….SPOT and STALK.

Batnuni Lake Guides and Outfitters is located in one of British Columbia’s premier wilderness areas which has incredibly dense populations of moose and bear. This outdoorsman’s haven provides a rich habitat from gentle rolling hills to high mountains; you will find the terrain will give you a unique hunting in BC trip that few have experienced. If you’re looking to try hunting in BC, get in touch with Lyle and Jim at Batnuni Lake Guides & Outfitters.

Batnuni Lake not only offers premier moose and bear hunting in BC but also timber wolf, cougar and lynx hunts.

Choose us for your next guided bear or moose hunt in BC and you will not be disappointed. Hunting in BC is a spectacular experience every time.

Batnuni Lake Guides & Outfitters has been featured on the Outdoor Channel , Wild TV with Cabelas‘ Ultimate Adventures and Archers’ Choice with North America’s favourite hunting couple, Ralph & Vicki Cinanciarulo. With over sixty years combined experience in guiding and hunting in BC, Lyle & Jim of Batnuni Lake Guides & Outfitters have built a reputation based on professionalism, expertise and success in the field.



Moose and wolf are plentiful in this region. As well, this region is well known for large black bear, which typically range between 5 and 7 feet square. They have opportunities at “phase” colored bear as well. Jim and Lyle conduct “spot and stalk” method bear hunts and made the adventure easy for a non-Canadian citizen by processing all of the necessary paperwork and providing timely tips regarding transport of firearms from the US into Canada…Read More

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With over 2500 square miles of hunting grounds made up of timber, logged areas, creeks, beaver swamps and rivers, Batnuni Lake Guides & Outfitters provides a diverse and spectacular landscape for hunting in BC.  Get more information about this magnificent region, and learn about what to expect on your hunting trip. Contact Batnuni Lake Guides & Outfitters by calling 1 877-228-6864 or email, and get ready for hunting in BC!